The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live. Visit now

The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live.

Visit now

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Kicking off AQUAEXCEL2020 - the follow-up project of AQUAEXCEL 

AQUAEXCEL2020, a new Horizon 2020 research infrastructure project, has kicked off in October 2015 and aims to further support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in Europe. AQUAEXCEL2020 comprises a large group of leading European aquaculture research facilities that work towards advanced integration and standardisation of tools for aquaculture research. AQUAEXCEL2020 aims to offer services tailored to the needs of the European aquaculture community and support and conduct world-class aquaculture research.


Similar to the forerunner project AQUAEXCEL (2011-2015), one of the key aspects of AQUAEXCEL2020 is to provide subsidised access to its top-class aquaculture facilities as well as numerous highly pertinent services for researchers from academia and industry. AQUAEXCEL2020 will also provide training for transnational access users, aquaculture researchers, technical staff and industry stakeholders. The first call for transnational access will be announced here in early 2016.


Until we go online with the new AQUAEXCEL2020 website, project news will be posted here.

You can also follow us on Twitter @AQUAEXCEL2020


Second AQUAEXCEL2020 Call for Access Now Open! 

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