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The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live.

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Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Its research is driven by its centres and institutes, whose main objective is to develop and promote research that will help bring about scientific and technological progress. One of its institutions is the Instituto de Acuicultura de Torre de la Sal (IATS), whose research focuses on basic and applied aspects of marine aquaculture.

The IATS is devoted to all aspects of Marine Mediterranean Aquaculture. It is provided with 4 wet units to conduct basic and applied research on fish reproduction pathology, nutrition and growth, live preys as well as with several analytical labs. The IATS Research Infrastructure is made up of two types of installations (Facility Units), both located in the campus of the Instituto de Acuicultura de Torre de la Sal (IATS).

The IATS Research infrastructures open for access with the AQUAEXCEL project are:

  1. IATS Experimental facilities (IATS-EXP): IATS-EXP consists of four wet halls with more than 250 tanks (from 3000 l to 30 l). Water quality (salinity, temperature, filtration, etc.) and light quality (photoperiod, intensity, etc.) will vary depending on the type of project and specific tanks in use. Experimental studies can be conducted with a great variety of species: gilthead sea bream, European sea bass, sole, turbot, zebrafish, Aphanius iberus, Artemia, rotifers, copepods, and a variety of algae.

  1. IATS – Analytical facilities (IATS - ANA): IATS-ANA includes 9 analytical laboratories, equipped with all the scientific appliances and devices to conduct most of the techniques and analyses involved in research in aquaculture: microscopy, histology, immunohistochemistry, ISH immunoassays, gas and liquid chromatography, PCR and RT-PCR and other molecular techniques, in vitro cell and eukaryotic culture, isotopic assays, micromanipulation, etc

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Contact Details

Ariadna Sitjà-Bobadilla
Head of the Department of Marine Species Biology, Culture and Pathology
Instituto de Acuicultura de Torre de la Sal
12595 Ribera de Cabanes, Castellón
Tel: +34 964319500
Email: ariadna(at)
Institution Website:



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