The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live. Visit now

The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live.

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Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is the largest marine institute in Norway and covers marine living resources, marine environment and aquaculture. The main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on aquaculture and the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Norwegian coastal zone.

The aim of research and management advice provided by IMR is to ensure that Norway's marine resources and aquaculture industry are managed and developed within a sustainable frame.

The IMR Research Infrastructure open for Access in the AQUAEXCEL project is:

  • IMR Matre. IMR Matre has access to cultured and wild stocks of salmonids like Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout (only cultured fish), and Atlantic cod. In all these species, experiments can also be designed with full - sib and half - sib groups. The available Atlantic salmon stocks include wild salmon from several Norwegian rivers, and wild cod stocks. The facilities has been used for species varying from salmonids to halibut, cod, herring and horse mackerel, and has also been approved for a variety of other species (e.g. mackerel, capelin, hake, sand eel, saithe, sea bass, sea bream and krill). AQUAEXCEL visitors will be invited to work in conjunction with one of IMR’s eighteen research groups and if appropriate with existing research programs.

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Nordnesgaten n°50
5817 Bergen
Tel.: +47 55 23 85 00
Email: helene.pedersen(at)
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