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The AQUAEXCEL2020 website is now live.

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Nofima is Europe’s largest institute for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food. Nofima is a business oriented research group and provides in cooperation with business actors and their professional organisations, research and solutions at an international level which give a competitive edge throughout the value chain.

The Nofima Research Infrastructures open for Access  in the AQUAEXCEL project are:

  1. National Cod Breeding Centre (NCBC), Tromsø : This facility is designed for an efficient production of a large number of cod families, and for the production of high quality cod eggs independent of season. For more detailed information, please click here. 
  2. Averøy Research Station, Averøy:  The main concept at the Nofima Averøy Research Station is to carry out controlled trials under natural conditions, similar to those at commercial fish farms.
  3. Nofima Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture (NCRA), Sunndalsøra] : The Nofima Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture (NCRA) carries out research on recirculation on a broad basis. Experiments in the areas of fish nutrition, physiology and welfare are central in this facility.

Contact Details
Bendik Fyhn Terjesen
6600 Sunndalsøra
Tel.: +47 404 57 874
Email: bendik.terjesen(at)
Institution Website:



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